Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

6 months busy busy!!

Thomson is 6 months! We have been all over the place, busy every weekend and traveling everywhere! We just got back from a quick trip to the beach with my sweet college friends. Thomson loved to watch the water. His eyes are so light and the sun was really bright to him - we didn't get very many cute pictures because he couldn't look at the camara. He needs some baby shades!!!
While we were away, Gus painted part of our house, mowed our 18" tall grass, and then planted my Mother's Day gift: an espalier magnolia tree!

"She is so tan!" said the lady at Kroger today...?

A few weeks ago Thomson and I went to Augusta for Paige and Jack's wedding. We had the best time - DeeDee and Coach came to babysit. Gus stayed in Athens, very sick in bed. It was awesome to see Jack, glowing at his beautiful bride all weekend, they are a perfect match!
And for those of you who like beautiful things, check out their reception, at Jack's parents' home - I loved the lights hanging from the oak trees!!!

We are excited for Aunt CeeCee's baby shower this weekend, more parties for Aunt Evie in the next few weeks, and then her wedding on June 19th. She is going to be a georgous bride!!! (But Thomson and Lee might steal the show in their wagon ride)

We had a great checkup with Dr. Garrard last week. We are so thankful for Thomson's good health, I have heard about so many very sick babies recently.
A few of my favorite things:
-Squealing on the baby monitor (what about a white crib could be so hysterical?)
-Kicking so hard
-Naps together in the big bed
-Singing hymns at bedtime
-Evening walks with Gus and Bates
-Our "new" jogging stroller, thank you so much Mary!
-Thankful for Bates, who is now adjusted to being an outside dog during the day :)
-Looking forward to cousin Ellie in July
-Thankful for Gamma, she is sweet, kind and thoughtful
-Thankful for DeeDee, she is fun, loving and thoughtful