Monday, August 29, 2011

Yesterday Gus turned 35. We celebrated pizza-style with a datenight to Ted's pizza downtown Athens (Brooks in tow). I even let Gus pick out which pizza he wanted to split! Gus has been working overtime to keep everyone happy and moving around here. He walks in around 5:30 every night and gets bombarded by Thomson ready to play and me with some chore waiting for him "Hi Gus, will you please change Thomson's diaper and take out the trash?" Luckily he is still coming home!!!

So happy birthday Daddy or "Happy Daddy" as Thomson chanted all day. It was also our dog Bates' birthday so Thomson also chanted "Happy Daddy Bates". We love you!

Last week Thomson started preschool. Dropping him off was of course so emotional as all of the children were crying and Thomson clung hard to my neck. By noon, though, I found him happily sitting in a corner surrounded by what looked to be the contents of the trash can - a gatorade bottle, a water bottle and some paper, etc. I am sure the trash made him feel right at home.

Brooks is doing great, gaining weight and still sleeping most of the time. I do not have many pictures of him with his eyes open so here are a few of Brooks sleeping from the past month. Thomson adores him but ignores him most of the time. He comes over for a quick hug or kiss the baby and then is off to play.

Here are pictures from the last few weeks: