Friday, April 9, 2010

Worth the Wait!

Happy Easter! Sorry for the lack of posts lately...these adorable pictures should make up for it! Thomson is 5 months old, laughing a whole lot and giggling, and happy most of the time except for when the DVD player overheats and his Baby Mozart DVD turns off.
Is it bad that I let him watch the 20-minute video almost every day? I save it for the witching hour and it is like cocaine. He could be screaming but as soon as he hears the music, he lays still and watches the whole video. One day he started SCREAMING like he was having the worst gas pain ever, and when I looked in, the DVD player had over-heated and it had turned off. If watching Baby Mozart is wrong then I don't want to be right!

We attempted to start solid foods, oatmeal. Our first attempt did not go over so well with Thomson's tummy, and I will leave it at that! The eating part was fun, the digesting part, not so much. We took a break and I started again yesterday - hopefully round 2 will be better!Thomson loves this Baby Einstein ball - he sticks his tongue through the holes and has hours of fun...Aunt Evie came this week and put together his exersaucer. He is still a little small for it, but he loved her dinosaur puppet show!

We are headed to the doctor this week for more shots - I will post again with an update!