Saturday, June 18, 2011

At 19 months I guess it was time for Thomson's first haircut. I loved his little soft curls so much but after much badgering from a few nameless relatives, I gave in and made an appointment with William Hamby, a local favorite. I did cry a little and we definitely had a pre-cut photo session.

Thomson did great, not a peep. William was kind even after I threatened to tackle him if he got out any kind of electrical razor on my child. He cut the old-fashioned way, with scissors only - and he only cut a very little bit off the back, just as I requested. One day Thomson will make me wait in the car while he goes in for a haircut, especially if I don't get my act together soon!!

Haircut: check. Checking things off my list these days!

We had a fun time at the beach. After a little hesitation, Thomson loved the ocean, especially the waves. He liked to hold onto my bathing suit and jump jump jump. I think jumping is his most favorite thing. We also went to the pool where he jumped some more. I wish we had taken some pictures at sunset but sleep was much more important!

Thomson loves Uncle Derek!

Five weeks and counting!