Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thought we might need to zoom in a little bit on Big Brother's face when he first walked into the hospital room. He screamed and then ran out the door and then ran back in.
We are all doing well, Thomson is feeling much better and Gus and I are starting to get better. Brooks weighed in today at the doctors office and he is back up to 8 lbs 0 oz, a good gain since Monday. Everyone is sleeping well and Brooks and I are having bonding sessions 3 times a night.

Brooks made the gossip column in the Marietta Daily Journal yesterday. My grandfather Brooks Smith was the editor of the MDJ after his time with the United Press. Thomson has been enjoying all of his attention and special treats! DeeDee took him to storytime at the library yesterday and then to Kroger where she let him ride in the big car shopping cart! I always avoid those large obnoxious carts so it sure was a treat for Thomson to finally get to drive one.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coming Home

Yesterday we came home from the hospital. Thomson is still sick and so we waited until the last minute to bring him up for a visit. Initially he was so excited to finally see his mama, after 3 whole days! The hardest part of the whole experience was aching for Thomson and wanting to take care of my sick child. We have been talking about "bebe" for months - now he is really here!

Thomson was a little overwhelmed and shy at first, he stayed as close to Gus as possible

Thankfully we had a blanket for Brooks becuase the temperature had dropped to 98 degrees.

We were all very ready to get home, Gus especially who is now sick himself. Ready to get home and get everyone feeling better!!!

Baby Brooks

Brooks Whitaker Sams

July 21, 2011

8 lbs 4 oz

Baby Sams is here! Two weeks early, he was born on his Aunt Evie's birthday!! I somehow managed to keep myself calm this time around and the entire experience has been great. We came home from the hospital yesterday after a visit from Thomson. Thomson is still sick and so we are being very careful to keep his germs away from his new baby. Brooks is my dream baby not only because of his georgous hair but also because he sleeps 23 hours a day. I am actually not sure what color his eyes are becuase I have hardly seen them open. I have been waking him every 2-3 hours to eat and then it is off again for more sleep!

Brooks Whitaker is named for my grandfather and my brother - two very important and special people. He is sure to do great things in life if he is anything like his namesakes. More later . . .

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mothers Morning In

Today was supposed to be Thomson's last Mother's Morning Out for the summer but we were up all night with a high fever and very sick baby. I have been looking for an incentive to slow myself down and this is it - nothing will stop you in your tracks like a sick baby. Nothing else is important except for making him feel better. I am so glad that this is now and not next week. So today is Mother's Morning In!

New baby is still hanging in there even after a few hiccups along the way. We spent a few hours in the hospital last week but he was looking strong and so we left him there to finish growing. The c-section is scheduled a week from tomorrow. The stockings are hung, bags are packed and we are ready. Ready at least to meet him, not sure if we are ready for the storm after that.

Thomson is adorable as ever. He is into everything and learning new things every day. His new word is amen - "aah-me" and he helps us finish our blessings and prayers, then he claps and laughs. He is running everywhere. He loves books, especially new ones, and he loves to point out things that he knows in every book. We took away his pacifier last week - bad timing but it has gone pretty well so far. I thought we would try it one night and we have stayed strong since then. I figure it is going to be difficult whenever we take it away so we might as well do it while we don't have a newborn. I am sure he will find Baby's pacifiers so we might have a little fight on our hands.

Thomson loves to play on the baby things - the bouncer especially. He runs to the nursery yelling "bebe bebe bebe" and likes to talk about all of "bebe's" things. I think it will be fun for him to have a baby here and I think the transition will be pretty smooth. He loves stuffed animals and real animals so he will probably think the new baby is a cross between the two.

I will try to get some pictures together for one more post before baby is born . . .