Thursday, September 23, 2010

Option D

D. Wait for the Similac recall and go get your money back! So glad I didn't throw it away :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

What would you do?

$20 worth of Similac falls on the floor. What would you do?

A: Curse the dog for his hair and the sink for its tiny ledge and yourself for your expensive clumsiness.

B: Chunk it and don't worry about it - it's only $20! (Unless you have awesome coupons like me)
C: Scoop it up and pretend nothing ever happened.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo shoot pics...

Carousel Designs has posted some more pictures of Thomson on their Facebook page. Check out their website, they have some beautiful things at great prices!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


It is a beautiful day in Athens! We are not at the game - we're watching it 1 mile away on our sofa! Gus just left for a dove shoot, Thomson is napping and it is halftime. We had a great morning, drove the Ranger down to the field to let Bates run around. When we got home the jets flew over our house and we knew it was time to turn on the game!

The Dawgs are playing well, I am very impressed with this freshman quarterback - Aaron Murray. He has big shoes to fill. Hopefully he can stay consistent!!! (Oh and I heart Caleb, Branden Smith, Brandon Boykin, and Drew Butler) P.S. have any of you seen David Pollack on ESPN or whatever channel? He is SO skinny, definately has a spray tan, a bottle of hair product, and extra-white teeth.

Last weekend was Gus' 34th birthday and Bates' 4th birthday. (Yes, Bates was born on Gus' 30th birthday!) We celebrated with Depalmas, lots of presents and yummy chocolate cake. Bates celebrated with some long walks! Next year, Bates and Gus will be the same age, 35 - and hopefully that means Bates will start to settle down into his golden years :) Not sure exactly when hunting dogs "calm down", but we are looking forward to it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUS!

In Sunday School a few weeks ago they asked us "Why did you marry your spouse"? I can say for sure that what I love about Gus is his compassionate heart, his patience and his gentle nature. Gus was 28 when we started dating (I was 23!), and from day 1 he had a calming effect on me. I had moved to a strange town with no friends and started my first real job and was trying hard to impress my boss and colleagues. Enter Gus: and we ended up loving Birmingham and have so many fun memories from there. Ever go to the doctor and feel rushed in and out, like the doctor doesn't really care about your problem but just wants to see as many people as possible? Not Gus. He really cares about his patients and their outcomes. I am always finding notes from his patients about how much they appreciate him. (And he doesn't know it, but I am saving them!) So happy happy birthday to my Gus! This is the most random post ever, but remember Thomson's photo shoot a few months ago? Well the owner of the bedding co. decided not to let us see the pictures. I guess it is their right to do so, but I am pretty bummed and do feel like we wasted our time a little bit. The catalog has not been printed, but there are a few photos of Thomson on the website, so here you go (he is the baby on the "discount" link):

And here is my favorite picture of him (he is the one laying down, not standing up):

And here is the back of his sweet head :)