Saturday, March 31, 2012

This is such a sweet time of life. So many things are happening that won't happen for long and I love every second!

Brooks is belly-crawling and rolling around. He has 1 1/2 teeth. He squints up his face sometimes when he smiles. He laughs a lot, especially at dogs and Brother. When he is tired he buries his face in my shoulder. He clicks his tongue and says "dadada". He loves to be outside. He takes 2 good naps a day. He rolls his tongue to the right. He likes to play with big boy toys. He protests when I walk past him and don't pick him up to go with me. He laughs at Baby Einstein. He loves fans, lights and running water. He pumps his fists when he gets excited. He shakes his head side to side and laughs. He is so happy when Gus comes through the door. He is ticklish almost everywhere.

Thomson went from saying a few words to saying paragraphs in a few short months. He now likes to talk about concepts like "da water go down da drain" and "da wecycle go in da green trash can. da trash go in da blue trash can". Georgia is his favorite friend in his class. He loves school, runs in screaming in every day. He can go "pee pee da potty" but is not ready to potty train quite yet, and we are not in a hurry. He plays with my hair. He snuggles me on the sofa to watch a movie when he is tired. He loves to read books before bed. Did I say he loves the trash? His new thing is to point to things that are not toys and say in a very loud voice "THIS IS NOT A TOY!" He loves kitty cats, puppies and dogs. He likes to help water my plants. He loves to sing songs. He runs in circles to get dizzy and laughs. He will focus on one task and complete it (who could he get that from?). He is obedient. He is sweet and caring yet wild and fun. He is cautious. He likes things a particular way. He piles like-objects together. He "wuves" his brother.

Brooks grew his first tooth! For about 2 weeks Brooks sported one precious tooth. The second one came in a few days ago. Here are some pictures of my favorite one-toothed man: