Sunday, January 16, 2011


Thomson is talking a lot in his own language. Most of it is still babble but he loves to repeat words. He repeats things like Zipper, Turtle, Button, Firetruck, and this morning he tried to say "Snuffleupagus" when we were watching Sesame Street. Pretty funny. This video is him saying "Gus" over and over again. His new favorite word. I am trying to change it to "Yes" so that we can really use it for something!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Driving on ice

I have always taken pride in knowing that I am a very good driver. I get my confidence on the road from my dad, a smart driver who taught me all of my tricks when I was 14. When I was 15 he would let me drive on long road trips while he slept in the back seat. When I was a young 16, my parents let me drive to Athens by myself to visit Whit - but I remember that I accidentally drove into South Carolina on I-85 because I somehow missed 316 (not sure I ever told them that).

Today Gus is back to work and he took the Tahoe because he drove to Washington, Ga. Thomson and I were itching to get out, so we de-snowed my little car and took off. Once you get on the main roads everything is clear, but the back roads are another story. On the way out of the neighborhood on Milledge Circle there is a long patch of thick ice in the shade. About 20 feet long on both sides of the road. Heading out it was downhill so I could coast, but I knew that coming back in it would take some strategy. There was an old lady that was stuck and some guys were trying to push her.

Channelling my inner-Happy and knowing that Milledge Circle was the best way to get back, I plotted my course as I passed Barbara Dooley. (For some reason she was in the road stomping the ice in front of her house, full length black coat and full makeup)

At the top of the hill I stopped about 20 feet in front of the ice and waited for the car in front of me to get across because I knew if they stopped I wouldn't be able to stop from hitting them. After they passed I got up enough speed to go all the way across without having to accelerate or brake on the ice. Pretty smart I say. Cars have been getting stuck on that patch all week long. Thomson and I got across no problem.

My advice to you drivers out there: channel your inner-Happy and drive safely! Thomson and I are back at home playing with all kinds of fun toys.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Love

Aunt NatNat has a new love! Brantly Ross Smith was born this morning, 7 lbs 3 oz and a head full of the sweetest dark hair I have ever seen in my life. He is my dream baby!
Sweet Emilie has had a tough day but she is starting to feel better as the medicine wears off. I am praying for a night of really good sleep for her and Whit! Lee is excited to be a big brother but was most excited that little brother already gave him a present: a real saw! He promises not to cut the baby, only chairs and rugs and things. (Just kidding it is a toy saw, but he is still not allowed to cut the baby!)
It is so nice to have a sister one short step ahead of me in this parenting game. Yes that's right, one short step ahead of me, as in 6 months ahead of me. We are having a baby August 4th! So Emilie taught me a lot today about what that will look like, a scheduled c-section, what to do with Thomson, how to sweetly ward off visitors until she gets to feeling better . . .
All the way to Atlanta yesterday I stared at Thomson in the rear-view-mirror and wondered how in the world I could ever love anything as much as I love him. It doesn't seem possible at all. I fear that Thomson took all of the good looks and personality and I can't imagine what good genes could be left for this new person. I fear a lot of things these days, but like I said, it is comforting to have the sweetest mom I know, Emilie, right ahead of me and giving me a beautiful picture of what my life will look like a few months from now.

I am off to dream of Brant . . . more on baby Sams later