Monday, August 9, 2010


Please pray for Gus' best friend, Ben Taylor. He is undergoing surgery for a brain tumor this afternoon. I don't know any details at all, just please pray for Ben and his sweet wife, AnnaGreta. They are in Charleston, about to move to Charlotte, and have a baby boy one month younger than Thomson, named Caswell.

Something to brag about

We have a 9-month doctor's appointment tomorrow and in a last-ditch effort to have something to brag about, AKA 'crawling' - I gave Thomson a workout last night. I have tried to promote crawling with rolling toys, blocks, cheering, pushing, and even TV. Last night I had a genius idea and I tried FOOD! Baby boy loves food and I thought it would make for the perfect way to entice him to the other side of the mat. I felt a little mean but I threw him some scraps along the way. Here is how it played out:

Checking out the scene, mapping out his plan . . .

Reaching . . .This is exhausting!Got one!Yummy!So proud of myself!Seriously mom?Meltdown . . .
This turned into a serious meltdown. It was very close to bedtime and we had to skip the bath and go straight to PJ's and a little BabyBeethoven. Am I a mean mom? He is not any closer to crawling than he was before this edible exercise. For the moment, I am enjoying these last few weeks of an immobile baby and a non-baby-proofed house!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

9 months ago today, after a not-so-perfect labor & delivery, our lives changed forever . . . for the better. We are celebrating in style at the beach with Gamma, Gampa and cousins Kayli Parker and Corley. Fripp Island is beautiful and relaxing!

More pictures to come - we are busy golf-carting, walking, swimming, playing in the sand, fishing, golfing, watching the Bachelorette, taking trips into Beaufort, and making plans for tennis, gumbo, and date nights! :) And we just got a call from Whit that we are going to have another boy cousin in January! Boy cousins are so fun!

P.S. Attention Robbers: Our house is perfectly secure and our TV is small and broken, anyways. Nothing to steal, not even a prized hunting dog, so don't bother!