Monday, June 28, 2010

Not so much a model...

Okay - let me preface this post by saying that Thomson is such a good baby! He rarely cries unless he is tired or maybe hungry. He is laid-back, curious, smiles a whole lot, and loves to interact with people. This makes him very photogenic, like his Aunt Erin. In 5 minutes I can take 20 pictures of him that would look great framed on the wall...

So two weeks ago I got an email about a photo shoot for a bedding company called Carousel Bedding, based out of Atlanta. They were looking for babies to model their new bedding collection and had hired Shelli Allen - - a family friend in Marietta and the best photographer I know. So I submitted Thomson with this photo and didn't really think they would pick him.
And they picked him. So the shoot was this morning in a historic house in Marietta. Shelli was there and people from the bedding company and they had hired an amazing stylist from Florida named Mary Lyn Jenkins - She was beautiful and really fun to work with. She set up the rooms with the bedding and props for all of the photos - everything was so creative! She has styled catalogs for Pottery Barn, Better Homes & Gardens and Coastal Living so it was really fun to see her in action! I heard her talking to the owner of the bedding company about whether or not a crib blanket is "chic" and should or should not be in the photo. I am way out of style and didn't know that these topics even exist :)

Thomson woke up this morning and decided that this day was not a good day for him to take a morning nap. So we arrived at the photo shoot completely exhausted and fussy, but I was hopeful that after a big bottle he would buck up and perform well, like he always does. But not so much. He cried and he screamed and he cried. I even heard Shelli tell her artist assistants "I bet this is good birth control for you guys!" Shelli assured me that she got some great photos of him in between the crying. And then to top it off, after an hour and a half we were almost finished and the owner of the company asked ME if I would mind being in some photos as well. Luckily I was not on my typical 5-day-no-shower stretch. And I might be in the catalog with T, if the pictures turn out.

We have one more day of photos this Friday and then I think we will retire from modeling forever. It was a good run, Thomson!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evie's Wedding

We just got back from Erin's wedding - at our chapel in Marietta. Thomson and Lee rode down in a wagon, I don't have many pictures yet but here are a few that are on my camera. Erin, of course, was gorgeous! She had an amazing photographer who worked harder than any photographer I have ever seen at a wedding - I can't wait to see all of the beautiful photos she took and will post them when I can!
Thomson took a long nap this morning - I think he is as exhausted as all of us!

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 months and growing...

Thomson has grown up so much this past month! Since his 6-month checkup, he is: rolling around, sitting up, he has cut in two bottom teeth, and is saying "da-da-da-da" : his first word! We are having tons and tons of fun!

Love these pictures of Thomson and sweet Emory, they are 6 days apart. These pictures really show the difference in their personalities: Emory is so sweet and very laid-back, Thomson is vocal and excitable. They are going to have a blast growing up together, just like their moms!

We are headed off to the Lake this weekend for Aunt Evie's Bachelorette weekend, and then to Marietta next week for her wedding!!!