Thursday, January 5, 2012

December happenings

I am going to have to work my way up to a Christmas post - Christmas was sweet and fun! For now - here are some December pictures.

If you have a dramatic child, difficult and temperamental - I am sorry but I can't relate to you. Thomson and Brooks are both so happy, all smiles and giggles. Is this normal? Things are so fun around here and we are soaking up this precious time. Brooks wants to compete for a Gerber Baby ad. And we all know I am a perfect stage mom, right?

Brooks is 5 months old, he is almost sitting up on his own, rolling over both ways, sleeps like a champ, and not to sound like a broken record - he smiles and giggles all the time. He is so ticklish and he loves peek-a-boo. I thought Thomson was the smiliest baby ever but Brooks easily matches him. I started solids after New Years and he loves the new spooned adventure.This picture is my new favorite: Thomson helping Dad get the Christmas tree out the truck. Something was SO funny!

How adorable is my nephew Parker? He loved hunting with Uncle Gus this year and he saw lots of bucks too!!!Thomson LOVES Parker!I love this Picture of Thomson and Lee for so many reasons. To say Thomson loves Lee is a major understatement. Thomson WORSHIPS Lee - everything is Lee Lee Lee all day long. I can just point to a picture of "Bee" and he starts belly laughing. It makes me so happy...And don't underestimate the up-and-comings: Brooks and Brant, they will surely not disappoint!

Back soon with Christmas pics and post.

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  1. what a happy post! love you and your happy boys!!! xoxo, Evie