Thursday, February 23, 2012

Picture Post

Busy busy over here. 7 months: Brooks is rolling all over the place, looking for small objects (or dirty boots) to put in his mouth. He always wants to be in the mix, watching his brother or his dog. He is close to crawling, loves to do planks and pushups. His dark hair and dark skin highlight his beautiful blue eyes, he is georgous. Brooks only sits up at a 45 degree angle, and then he quickly rolls back down to a crawl position. Dr. G said this is typical for babies who are "very eager to crawl", uh-oh

Yes he is wearing tights! Uncle Whit-Whit might get upset but Brooks doesn't care, he wants to set trends not follow them!

Brooks likes to eat but mostly loves to grip tightly on the spoon and gnaw it on his gums. It is quite messy

We nipped this one right in the bud. Thomson learned to climb out of bed when he was visiting DeeDee's house . . .

Triple Paste stains, people! I was able to get it off of my grandmothers' antique bed. After his spanking, Thomson is no longer climbing out of bed at night or during his naps, whew!

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